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I am a painter and an illustrator with an interest in modern and conceptual art, sculpture and photography. With the help of this blog, I would like to share my passion with people near and far. I write about my work, the things I see and how I perceive them. Thanks for stopping by.

Everyone wants to walk into a car showroom and stroll out with a brand new car. But, new cars tend to be too costly for a student or a recently employed person. Eventually though, you will have the chance to buy that brand new automobile you have been dreaming about. Part of that purchase will likely include a discussion with...

When purchasing an extended auto warranty, your coverage can be confusing if you do not take the time to research it properly. Coverage types can vary depending on your warranty, and you do not want to assume that something is covered when, in fact, it is not. Then, you may wind up stuck at a repair shop wondering how you...

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I have extensive experience in Administration, Business Administration and CRM, in the automotive industry. Extensive experience in IT. Knowledge Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, php, MySQL. Experience in CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Systems information management.

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